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Patton Oswalt and Josh Ormond - on set of "Nature Calls"

Chelsea Bulack

Anais & Mirabelle Lee twins on set for the film Blood Ties role of Janie


Will Blagrove:

Any actor that works with VS Talent Group should consider themselves one lucky thespian. One of the best agencies in the biz. - Will Blagrove (How Do You Know/Cost of a Soul).


I went to an open call about 5 months ago where my two boys met Viola and her staff for about 5 minutes. 2 weeks later we were going on casting calls for major companies and television networks in both the Philadelphia and New York City area. There are so many rumors and scares in this business, but Viola and her staff are extremely educated in this business and understand the importance of our children to be children, have fun and be safe in this business without putting demands on them. You just have to simply update your photos every few months and demonstrate follow-thru qualities and Viola will bring the opportunities. The best part of this business so far has been the improved self-esteem in both my boys, and the fun we've had auditioning is just priceless!! I would highly recommend VS Talent Group to any child, or adult who wants to break into the entertainment industry as you are starting out with the best if you do!


I had the esteemed privilege and honor to be represented by one of the hardest working women in show biz for over 8 years. When I was 10 years old, Ms. Viola gave me a chance to follow my dreams and that’s exactly what I did from commercials, pilots and TV shows. I got a chance to share my gift with the world. I thank you Ms. Viola for always believing in me and pushing me when you thought I needed a push. You are a phenomenal Agent and your passion for what you do is what keeps you on top of your game. Thank you for everything and we love you.

Kathleen Freihofer:

We have been with VS for just 9 months. In that time Vi and Jeanette have been there every step of the way.Through an inbox full of questions, looking at photos and offering guidance when needed. Any time I've needed help they have been there! We can't wait for that "booked" post to appear on facebook... and with their know how both my daughter and I just know it will happen soon!

Christina Walls:

We feel blessed to have been introduced to VS Talent Group five years ago when my oldest son was born. We now have three children aged 5, 3 and 7 months and VS Talent continues to represent all of our children. I am a Mom who is very careful as to what and who my children are exposed to in this uncertain world. I trust Viola and her entire staff (Jeannette, Joy, Anna... Who did I miss??) wholeheartedly and I know they 100% have the best interest of my children at heart. Their experience, knowledge of this business, professionalism and work ethic sets them apart from all others- they will without a doubt guide you (or your child) to success...help make your dreams a reality and will be by your side every step of the way!

Mary Steffen:

My daughter, Sami, has been with Viola / VS Talent since she was around 5 years old. I can remember it took a little while for Sami to book her first job but Viola didn't quit on her she simply said she will book, I believe in her. She is now about to turn 16. Over the years Sami has worked in the various medias (i.e. film, tv, theatre, voice work and print) via Viola. I would highly recommend VS Talent as they truly care about their clients and wants what is best for them. Vi has many years of experience in the business, and is extremely intuitive and has a huge heart. With Vi and the rest of VS talent you get the kind of support you rarely find these days.

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