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Patton Oswalt and Josh Ormond - on set of "Nature Calls"

Chelsea Bulack

Anais & Mirabelle Lee twins on set for the film Blood Ties role of Janie

Booking Policies and Procedures

DAY RATE: A day rate is eight consecutive hours between 9am and 6pm. Overtime will be charged for any bookings before 9am and after 6pm. Bookings before 9am and after 6pm are time and a half. Double charge for holidays and weekends.
*Day rate must be specified prior to bookings.

HALF DAY: Four consecutive hours.

HOURLY BOOKINGS: Minimum of two hours on all bookings.

CANCELLATIONS: Confirmed bookings are subject to a full cancellation fee, if cancelled less than 24 hours.

TENTATIVE BOOKINGS: Tentative or "holds" must be released or confirmed 24 hours prior to bookings, if not the agency reserves the right to cancel.
*Definite bookings will take precedence.

WEATHER PERMITTING:Check with agency- Client must specify weather permit at time of bookings, or full fee is charged.

USAGE: Are limited to specific rights granted at the time of the bookings. The term, media, or graphic areas may not be extended without Renegotiation with the agency.

RELEASES: Can not be signed without the permission from the agency. Any releases signed by a model or actor without consent of the agency will be null and void.

ALL ON CAMERA PRODUCTION & VOICE OVERS: Check with Viola & Shari Talent Group.

INTERNET USAGE: Check with Viola & Shari Talent group.

SERVICE FEE: A 20% agency fee will be added on the gross of all bookings and usage fees.

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